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I'm Conor (he/him), and I'm a wedding celebrant based in Liverpool, where I live with my wife, Kirsty, and our cats, Bruce and Hugo, who are monsters. I'm originally from Ireland, and lived in Oxford for a very long time, before relocating to Liverpool in 2022.

I've had a pretty varied career, working in theatre, publishing, comedy and radio - lots of jobs where I've had to talk to people, be entertaining, and write and edit scripts. Basically, everything I've done in my career so far lends itself very nicely to the work that a celebrant does! For more information on my non-celebrant work, you can visit my other 

The most important things to know are that I'm a big fan of Batman, the Toronto Raptors NBA team, stand-up comedy, making Italian food (and drinking Italian wine), videos of unlikely animal friendships, tea and Murder, She Wrote.

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In 2019, my wife and I had our own Humanist wedding in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Humanist weddings had only recently been awarded legally-binding status in NI (something which Humanists UK are working hard to achieve for England and Wales, too). 

I was raised Catholic in Northern Ireland, as was my wife, but neither of us have any religious beliefs. Therefore, we wanted to do something non-religious. A simple civil ceremony could have done the job, but we chose a Humanist ceremony after meeting our amazing celebrant. She told us how our wedding could be a genuine reflection of us as a couple, and contain our favourite pieces of music, literature and poetry, and we were sold!

Our wedding ceremony was honestly the best experience of our lives, and pretty much that day, I realised that I wanted to work with couples to help them realise their perfect wedding in the same way we had. After a huge amount of encouragement from friends and family, I finally took the plunge and in 2022, I completed the training with Humanists UK.

I love working with and getting to know people, hearing their stories, meeting their friends and families. It's a genuine privilege to work with couples and be trusted with such an important and meaningful job, and I would love the opportunity to chat to you about how we could work together to craft, perfect and deliver your dream ceremony.

Why did you become a celebrant?

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Why should we work with you?

That's a good question, and thank you for asking!

I'm really passionate about this work. It's such a privilege to work with couples and be trusted to tell your story, and deliver your ceremony. And it is SO fun!

As a confident, creative, calm person, I have the skills and enthusiasm to bring your story to life in a memorable, fun and totally unique way. Your guests will never have been to a wedding quite like yours, because there isn't another couple quite like you!

Now, I'll be honest. Where I come from in Ireland, this self-promotion stuff is cringeworthy. Telling you how great I am and why you should work with me goes against every social rule I learned growing up. So for balance, please see below for a video where I offer five reasons you should work with me, and five reasons you absolutely shouldn't...

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