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we're interested...

You've piqued our interest! How do we find out more about working with you?

Well, there are six easy steps from this point to me delivering the ceremony of your dreams!


Get in touch to say hi

I can try to answer any initial questions you might have at this early stage. Even if we don't end up working together, it's always worth touching base with any questions at the beginning of the process so you have a bit more info going forwards. So ping me an email!


Let's chat!

If you feel we could work well together, we’ll arrange a proper chat (either in person if convenient, or online). Here, we can nail down some more ideas, and I can give you more information about what my services involve. (I've also detailed a bit more about this on my FAQs page.)


Book me!

That might sound a bit aggressive…sorry.


But if you’d like to work with me (and I would certainly like to work with you), then you can book my services at this point!


Let's plan your ceremony

Once you’ve booked me, we’ll plan the ceremony together well in advance of your big day. I’ll ask you both some questions and get to know more about you as a couple, then I’ll write up a draft version of your ceremony. This will include any readings, music, symbolic acts, etc. that you feel are right for your wedding. We can go back and forth on this until you feel it’s totally perfect.


We'll iron out the details

We’ll make sure that you are comfortable with what’s happening. I’ll always give you the option of a rehearsal if you’d like it, so that come your big day there are no nerves or unknowns with the ceremony.


The big day!

On the day, I’ll deliver your wedding ceremony just the way we’ve planned it! Expect laughs, tears, smiles and bucketloads of fun! After the ceremony, I’ll also give you a beautifully-designed presentation copy of your script, so that you will always be able to remember the most special and meaningful part of your wedding day.

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