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Shannon and Matthew got engaged in Central Park, New York, in February 2022. They are in the process of planning their wedding, and like many couples in Northern Ireland, they felt a Humanist wedding was the perfect option for them. Not only is a Humanist ceremony the most personal and unique option, but it is also a middle ground for them and their families, who come from different religious backgrounds. 

Shannon and Matthew said, "We were so excited to book Conor to perform our ceremony. His fun nature really excited us and the attentiveness he showed whilst asking us about the story of us, were really central in why we chose him. And the fact he is so open to alternative readings/quotes that suits our style/incorporating things we’ve loved since childhood (aka my obsession with Buffy 😂) to make it really unique and really “us”."

Shannon and Matthew are getting married in August 2024.

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